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At Imagination Machine Works we covet an unrelenting passion for things mechanical. Mix in a little electrical and some chemical and it captivates us even more. Add to that mix, unparalleled precision, quality, the bravery to try, and to take big risks. It is this combination of attributes that we attempt to emulate, like those who have inspired us so much along the way.

The images in the window above are those of creations that have been an inspiration to us at one time or another. Some we have been directly involved in and some we have not. We want to pay tribute to those who have had the vision to design and build the subjects seen here. We see the beauty, elegance, simplicity and sometimes brute force in the solutions, the solutions to questions that more often than not, no one was even asking.

It is the challenge of attempting to achieve those things that "can't be done". Whether it's a ridiculous time frame, ludicrously low target cost or just simply "impossible", we are driven to prove it can be done. John Hanke believed they could map the entire planet, every road and have it available to all of us in our pockets. Elon Musk believed he could build his own rocket and send it into space. Soichiro Honda believed he could sell motorcycles outside of Japan. We now have Google Earth, Space X and the worlds best selling vehicle ever, the Honda Super Cub. 60 million sold to date, most of those outside Japan..

We have a highly skilled, flexible and experienced group of individuals who are fueled by similar passions. Each of us, in their own right, has achieved success in the concept to creation process. Working alone and together we have achieved award winning designs, world records and great accomplishments for ourselves and for/with our clients.

We are happy to share with you these skills, experiences and our knowledge to help you and your organization achieve success. The remainder of this website will show a few of the successes we have enjoyed over the past 15 years or so, provide a listing of services we can offer and provide to you our contact information..

Thank you for taking the time to look at our work and considering us to be a part of your team.



Scott Johnson

President IMW ltd.



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