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A machine can be as simple as a lever. Digging in the sand at the beach with our mothers is likely one of our earliest exposures to machines. The shovel, when levered against the ground to increase our mechanical advantage is a machine in one of its simplest forms. A rolling wheel is another example of a simple machine. Others include ramps, wedges and pulleys.


The custom machine solutions we provide are nothing more that a combination of these simple tools. They are not always easily identified as such, but they are. Take a screw as an example, the screw is merely a distorted inclined ramp. It is arranged in a small circle so it is considered a helix, but essentially it is a ramp. It performs with exactly the same results as a ramp. Shaped into the helix, it can provide the wondrous solution for holding items from separating apart. The same helix has been morphed into many other solutions from the complex ball screws for providing precision motion, to simple augers for lifting grain.


Sometimes these simple machines are arranged into very unsophisticated combinations to provide a jig or fixture to reduce labor on a repetitive tasks. Other times these simple solutions are combined into incredibly intricate, complex solutions combining any or all of the simple machines with the additional complication of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic solutions included. Again, it is not always clear at first glance, but these massively complex solutions are all just combinations of simple machines.


We pride ourselves here at Imagination Machine Works for having an extensive understanding of the six simple machines and what they have morphed into over the centuries. We continue to be fascinated by new ways that these simple devices are combined into mind blowing solutions. Like a few of the other children at the beach, we were fascinated by this simple lever and what we could do with it. We have grown and nurtured that fascination over the years into sharply honed mental processes for visualizing mechanical application of these devices. We have delved into the deep end, we took the red pill allowing us to venture way down the rabbit hole, discovering the intricacies of what does and more importantly, what does not work. Using tools like paper, pencil, SolidWorks, FEA, CFD, CNC machine tools, material forming, material joining and the Internet, we are able to take these visualizations and make them REAL!


There are many solutions that we are not able to share with you on this website. Often our clients solutions are proprietary to their product and do not belong in the public realm. We are more than happy to show you some of the solutions we can share on the following page.

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