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PMXM Card Insertion / Extraction Tool


Tool for insertion and extraction of PMXM card to motherboard.


Tool is used to protect all connection pins during insertion and extraction. We highly recommend the use of this tool to protect your expensive PMXM card and motherboard from damage.


$ 1,015.00 CAD each + applicable taxes

Volume discounts available on 2 or more units.

Please use drop down below for volume prices.


MSE Tester (Micro Speaker Excursion Tester)


The precision laboratory device includes the following:


  • Thermally and physically stable device platform.
  • Ability to rigidly and accurately position an existing Keyence LK-H052 Sensor Head Spot Type, Laser Class 2 device.
  • Ability to nest rigidly and accurately position repeatedly, the test speaker.
  • Ability to vary the temperature of the speaker environment from 10 degrees C, up to 70 degrees C.
  • Ability to vary speaker back volumes.
  • Ability to vary speaker ports effective opening area.
  • Ability to mimic side and front firing ports.
  • Universal fixture system to hold various cell phone cases. This will be used for measuring speaker excursion within the phone environment, and for acquiring baselines of the speaker excursion within the device itself.


Allow 6-8 Weeks for delivery


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