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Defining a Consumer Product is not quite as easy for us as defining a custom machine.

For the purpose of this website, a consumer product is differentiated from a custom machine by that it is likely to be purchased through a distributor or retailer. Most of our custom machinery is sold directly to the end user.


Despite the fact that we do some relatively simple consumer product design, most of work in this realm could actually be considered to fall under the custom machinery banner. Many of the solutions we provide to our clients are intricate and beautifully sculpted machines. We have a tendency to lean towards die-cast, extruded or machined aluminum solutions before considering plastic. Many of our product designs have been recognized as world class or world leading designs through their clever solutions or just through their robust design and impeccable build quality. That being said, we also recognize injection molded plastic solutions have a place in this world, so we also design many parts for molding.




From simple injection molded plastic brackets and tools, adding more complexity for electronic enclosures and devices, through to fully active, dynamic motorcycle, snowmobile and other vehicle components, we provide complete design, prototyping and manufacturing support.


- We can provide only the design solutions or even simple design improvements for your current manufacturers to run with.

- We can take it a step further and provide completed designs, detailed spec'd design drawings and functional prototypes.

- We can add in 3d rendering and/or animations for marketing support.

- We can provide drawings for intellectual property applications.

- We can provide prototypes of any complexity required.

- We can provide manufacturing or manufacturing support for your product.


You can have a look at this page to see some examples of the products we have designed over the past few years.


We must mention here that we play a key role in our clients success, but by no means are we the one and only reason that they are successful. Virtually every single product we are involved with is a collaboration with our clients and vendors to arrive at a commercially viable, (sometimes not), practical, (sometimes not), solution. We use some humor here, but it is based in truth, some of the products we have come up with are over the top and have a very limited market, but there is always a market no matter how small.


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